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What do these people have in common [(aside from being lovely) aside from Lady GaGa]? They have the numbers, numbers that have gone over the top of average people. These single ladies have climbed up the pyramid to dance on a disco stick (what?). They have proven that people having more is not always negative. These multiple digits are simply the evidence of this statement.

Going back to reality, having an excess of something is not always as gracious as what those glittery singers have. Imagine a cup of coffee with 1/2 sugar, 1/4 coffee and 1/4 water... Quite a treat eh? Or taking a 500 item test in 30 minutes after a 24 hour duty. Got the picture? Another addition to this "uber" collection would be drugs.

Well, of course we all know that taking prohibited drugs is a big no no (prohibited right?). But what others aren't aware of is that there are also drugs, normally and casually taken in by others (under certain conditions), that can cause detrimental and potentially life-threatening effects if taken beyond their means. Some of these are Cardioactive drugs, Anticonvulsants, Analgesics, and Aminoglycosides.

001 - Cardioactive Drugs

These meds are those that are cardiac glycosides which are often used for the treatment of congestive heart failure, ventricular arrhythmias and fibrillation. Their action usually lies on altering the excitability of cardiac muscles through the Na, K, -ATPase pump. As cool as it may sound, it affects many organs and cell types. If taken beyond their limits, nausea, vomiting, and visual disturbances may be observed. When unattended, over dosage may lead to premature ventricular contractions, CNS depression and severe low blood pressure. Not a good idea if heart broken right? A list of the common cardioactive drugs, along with their toxic dosage levels are found below.

002 - Anticonvulsants

The buddy of people who experience epilepsy, convulsions and seizures. Their mechanism is quite complex, leading to its poor definition. However, its general use is the alteration of nerve impulse transmission to minimize contractions. These medicines are to be taken with caution as they may cause drowsiness, fatigue, depression and reduced mental capacity if taken at high doses. Reports of severe toxicity include pancreatitis, weight gain, and the trigger of greater seizures. Bothered? Here's a list of the drugs under this category and their toxic doses.

003 - Analgesics

Probably one of the most used drug in the world. Being mild pain relievers, analgesics seem to be the popular and affordable choice. Little did we know that it poses numerous threats when taken extensively such as:
- tinnitus (ringing in the ears)
- deafness
- liver damage
- GI bleeding
- impaired renal function
- increased heart rate and cardiac rhythm
Drugs of this category are as follows:

004 - Aminoglycosides

Lastly, the "germ" busters, aminoglycosides, are those that are frequently used in the treatment of infections with gram negative bacteria that are resistant to less toxic antibiotics. Its action lies on the inhibition of bacterial protein synthesis. The said busters are, however, busted when taken too much as they cause both nephropathy and ototoxicity. High doses may cause impairment on the proximal tubules of the kidney and disruption of the inner ear cochlear and vestibular membranes which result in hearing and balance impairment. Caution in taking them, here's a quick list:


Tsk, numbers really give me the headaches, maybe I should take analgesics..


Or not..


Well, it's ok, long as I take it on its therapeutic dosage..


Finally signing off! = }

For a sample of toxicity on drugs, watch this..

Decipher this and your in for another SB treat.. = }


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Clinical Chemistry by Calbreath (p. 409 - 420)


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